Pipeline Management

10-15% leads turns to sales out of 100. Identify and prioritizes this 10%.

Transform the way you deal with the sales funnel.

Sales pipeline management software eases the work of the sales team by prioritizing the most probable lead that will be a sale by analyzing the interest of lead. The module consists of lead opportunities, followup, the End date for converting a lead to sales, and much more.

Sales Funnel & Opportunities Management

Convert Lead to opportunity

Nanoerp’s sales pipeline management software lets you convert your leads to opportunities by automation.

Customization of stages of Opportunities

Stages of every opportunity can be customized as per business needs to create value for both the business and customer.

Sales Prediction

Businesses can predict and identify the monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales based on opportunities and end date to convert these.

Status of Sales funnel

Get a clear picture of the sales funnel to improve the conversion rate.

History & Timeline view of Opportunities

Companies sales teams can get to know the time spent to convert any opportunity by history and a timeline view of opportunities in the software.

Managing different branches

Branch wise sales can be managed sitting at a place and track each and every activity of every branch.

Documents Storage

Complete list of documents like marketing, lead capturing, sales can be uploaded and stored in the database of CRM and link them with the particular customer.

Sales Funnel Tracking & Reporting

Tracking calls, visits & sales

Our CRM allows you to automatically track customer visit and phone calls. It also generates sales report automatically.

Activities & Reminders

Automatically employees get reminders for the assigned activities. Both through E-mail & SMS.

Activity planner

Generate planner for activities to be carried out daily, weekly monthly basis by the sales team, and track them.

Daily Sales Reports

Get complete insights of your sales team activities like followups, conversions etc.