Inquires to Admissions

Lead capturing from all sources

Leads from incoming phone calls, sites, mails, commercials placed on social websites (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) are explicitly recorded into CRM.

Find out Student’s Intent 

You can find out what is the student’s interest by tracking the actions taken by them on websites are ads on the social media platforms.

Answer the quires instantly

Once the lead is recorded into CRM, a continuous followup can be done and every query of students and parents is answered through messages and e-mail.

Admitting Students Automatically

After capturing leads, a quality lead among them is identified and sorted out. Admissions can be made automatically by collecting mandatory details of the inquiry by one click.


Notifications can be sent to students, staff, and parents on their e-mails and mobiles easily.

Follow up

Day to day tasks can be assigned to the staffs and they can have the look of it on the dashboard as soon as they login. Easily the assigned tasks carried can be tracked.

Dynamic Analytics Reporting

Reports on the go

Track the efficiency of the marketing funnel, lead capturing sources and counselor, and much more.

Performance of Admission staff

Get the complete insights, of the number of admissions done by the staff assigned and measure their efficiency.

Branch wise performance reports

Owners can get to know which branch is performing well in terms of a number of students admitted and revenue generated.

In & Out time Reports

Complete summary of staff entry and exit time report is generated which will help the admin to calculate the salary based on it and much more.

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